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May 2019: According to a secret recipe from the Bongiovi family. The pasta sauce is conquering Swiss kitchens (PDF, 80 KB)


Bongiovi brand Tomatensaucen alle Sorten

Bongiovi Brand Tomato Sauce - Dad's original

Bongiovi Sauce Dad's Original 

Bongiovi Brand Tomato Sauce - Marinara

Bongiovi Brand Marinara Sauce

Bongiovi Brand Tomato Sauce - Arrabbiata

Bongiovi Brand Arrabbiata Sauce ein pikanter Kick

Logo Bongiovi Brand Europe



Report from August 17, 2019 in Tele Basel

Jon Bon Jovi is now no longer only available on CD, but also in a glass. A Swiss couple brings the sauce from the rock star's family to Dornach.

regiotvplus 19-KW-38

Not just a great name. The hit based on grandmother's recipe. MADE in Switzerland.

Jon Bon Jovi and the tomato sauce

Summit meeting Dornach January 31, 2021

Bongiovi Brand Gipfeltreffen - Dornach


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