Bongiovi sauce mixed (set of 6)

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Discover our variety of delicious mixed Bongiovi sauce!

Bongiovi Sauce.Our selection of mixed tomato sauces offers you a taste journey through different flavors and variations that take your dishes to a new level.

Varieties of our mixed tomato sauces:

  • Classic Marinara: A rich, balanced blend of sun-ripened tomatoes, garlic, onions and Mediterranean herbs for a timeless taste.

  • Spicy Arrabbiata: For lovers of something spicy - this sauce combines sun-ripened tomatoes with a pleasant spiciness from chili and garlic.

  • Garden fresh Papa's Original: Our version with a variety of fresh vegetables such as peppers, onions and more. Perfect for those who appreciate a healthy touch in their sauce.

Papas Original

Our mixed tomato sauces are made from high-quality ingredients and are versatile. Use them as a base for pasta, pizza, casseroles or as a dip - there are no limits to your creativity.

Give your dishes a flavor explosion with our varied mixed tomato sauces and enjoy the variety of flavors!

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